About Us


About Us

Alpa Roof Trusses Inc. is a leading manufacturer in the industry

A leader in the truss manufacturing industry for over 5 decades, Alpa Roof Trusses pioneers the craft of designing and producing quality roof trusses made from the best lumber. From engineering and design to manufacturing and packaging, our departments are dedicated to providing high-calibre products and services and share a commitment to quality and excellence.

Our philosophy is reflected in the extensive use of automation and state-of-the-art technology that enable us to continuously innovate our processes and the resulting products. Furthermore, our robust system of quality assurance ensures that our products comply with the highest customer standards.

quality roof trusses for thousands of houses each year in Southern Ontario

High quality roof trusses for thousands of houses each year in Southern Ontario



Committed to excellence for over 50 years

Starting out as Maple Components Inc. in 1970 in Maple, ON, the company was rechristened as Alpa Roof Trusses as a result of an acquisition by the Alpa Lumber Group. From the 1980s onward, the tremendous expansion of the suburbs and small towns in Ontario led to a boom in the truss manufacturing industry that motivated Alpa Roof Trusses Inc. to innovate its production and expand its operations. Since then, Alpa Roof Trusses Inc. has progressed to become one of the largest manufacturers of engineered wood trusses in Ontario.

Alpa Roof Trusses Inc. is an integral part of a vertically integrated group of companies, the Alpa Lumber Group. The Group has extensive expertise in supplying quality lumber and related products to the major residential builders in Southern Ontario. Our products include windows, doors, trim, stairs, railings, floor systems, lumber and, of course, roof trusses. Our excellent raw material, combined with our passion for innovation and quality, has resulted in the creation of a technology-driven approach which allows us to manufacture goods with exceptional efficiency.

As a testament to our dedication, we are represented at both the Truss Plate Institute of Canada and the Ontario Structural Wood Association.

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